Back Pain Physiotherapy Treatment

Back pain kills! You find it hard to sit on your office chair. You find it hard to bend to pick a thing from the floor.

Neck Pain Physiotherapy Treatment

Cervical spondylosis occurs when the cervical bones in the spine undergo wear and tear, but do not heal properly.

Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Treatment

Frozen shoulder develops in three separate stages. In the first stage, the main symptom is extreme pain. .

Sciatica Physiotherapy Treatment

The cause may be a herniated disc in your lower back, which is compressing the sciatic nerve. This can occur spontaneously or may develop over a period of time.

Knee Pain Physiotherapy Treatment

If you are facing knee pain issues, please don’t just sit back and ignore. We help you to understand the real cause of such pain and what is the best way for treatment.

Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy Treatment

There are several symptoms that you should watch out for having tennis elbow. You know you have the condition if you are experiencing pain when you are lifting objects.

Achilles Tendonitis Physiotherapy Treatment

The Achilles tendon is a group of tissues that connect the heel bone to your calf muscles. When these are inflamed, you have

Golfer’s Elbow Physiotherapy Treatment

How do you know that you have Golfer’s Elbow?” It is a painful condition that affects the inside of the elbow. Signs and symptoms may vary.

Ankle Sprains Physiotherapy Treatment

Many things can cause ankle sprains. It can happen any time, any place.Wrong way and twist your ankle, causing it to sprain.

Hamstring Strain/tear Physiotherapy Treatment

A hamstring injury refers to the tear in the hamstring muscles. There are four strong muscles on the back of the thigh that cross two joints, the knee and the hip.

Plantar Fasciitis Physiotherapy Treatment

Plantar fasciitis is more commonly known as heel pain as it affects the heel area most of the times. It happens when the nerve tissue connecting the heel to the toes is damaged.

Carpal Tunnel Physiotherapy Treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome results from pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. This nerve and several tendons run from your forearm through a small area in the wrist called the carpal tunnel.

Paralysis Physiotherapy Treatment

Muscle is a unique sort of tissue that empowers our bodies to move. It is under the control of the sensory system, which forms messages to and from all parts of the body.

Muscular Dystrophy Physiotherapy Treatment

The muscular distrophies are a form of wasting disease. They are progressive and slowly break down the tone and control of muscles. At first, this leads to weakness and bad co-ordination.

Post-operative Hip Replacement Therapy

Having an aggregate hip substitution, you will require non-intrusive treatment and restoration taking after the surgery. You can hope to be included in exercise based ..

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